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How disabled do you have to be?

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  • How disabled do you have to be?

    From today's NZ Herald Sideswipe column:

    A Waiheke Island reader writes: "A local identity of much notoriety, Joe Waite, Maori, councillor, activist, and lifelong owner of a bright yellow Model T Ford, had his funeral.

    After a service at the marae, the assembly headed for the RSA for more speeches (and quaffing) before the final trip to the cemetery. Joe's Model T was the hearse, and when the lads parked it in front of the RSA building in Ostend, and were about to offload the coffin, a council officer, who had been examining some roadworks across the road, came running over to yell: 'You can't park here, this is a disabled drivers parking spot'.

    One of the pallbearers said, not unreasonably, 'How disabled do you have to be? He's ******* dead!'. Everyone burst out laughing - except the council officer, who slunk away, speechless."