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Shop pulls 'Lolita' bed for young girls

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  • Shop pulls 'Lolita' bed for young girls

    From the NZ Herald: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/2/...490538&ref=rss

    Originally posted by Herald
    LONDON - A chain of retail stores in Britain has withdrawn the sale of beds named Lolita and designed for six-year-old girls after furious parents pointed out that the name was synonymous with sexually active pre-teens.
    Woolworths said staff who administer the web site selling the beds were not aware of the connection.
    In 'Lolita,' a 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov, the narrator becomes sexually involved with his 12-year-old stepdaughter - but Woolworths staff had not heard of the classic novel or two subsequent films based on it.
    Hence they saw nothing wrong with advertising the Lolita Midsleeper Combi, a whitewashed wooden bed with pull-out desk and cupboard intended for girls aged about six until a concerned mother raised the alarm on a parenting website.
    'What seems to have happened is the staff who run the website had never heard of Lolita, and to be honest no one else here had either," a spokesman told British newspapers.
    'We had to look it up on (online encyclopedia) Wikipedia. But we certainly know who she is now.'

    Woolworths said the product had now been dropped.
    'Now this has been brought to our attention, the product has been removed from sale with immediate effect,' the chain said.
    'We will be talking to the supplier with regard to how the branding came about.'
    Maybe I'm just a bad person but in regards to this:
    Originally posted by Woolworths
    'We will be talking to the supplier with regard to how the branding came about.'
    I can't help but think, conditioning...
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    I liked that movie - but that was awful marketing from Woolworths. I really would have thought that someone in their marketing department would have known this!


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      Seems it's a generational thing.