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  • Kids!


    Our kids are so used to going to open homes now that as soon as we say 'open home', they scream NOOOOOOOOOOO and run a mile.

    Also, whenever we say 'Rental Property' - as in "We are going past the Rental Property", we get a chorus of "NO MORE RENTAL PROPERTIES" accompanied with giggles and shrieks.

    Yesterday, I was instructing my partner on the use of some computer program or other, and said "...and then click Properties to change the paper size".

    Master Two shouted "NO MORE PROPERTIES" and disappeared up the stairs, leaving us in fits of laughter.

    How do others fit the needs of small children around hunting for properties and other PI related activities?


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    I was listening to a CD about buying investment property and it talked about how you can get your kids to enthuse about the property, plan their bedrooms - all as an act. Then when you don't put in an offer the agent will come back, and you can talk the price down. The agent knows how keen the family was - not knowing that the family is in on it.

    Now you have something to keep the kids interested, act well at the open homes or we might actually move into one of the houses!
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      Great idea Cat, any ideas where I can borrow some enthusiastic kids for an afternoon of house hunting?

      Cube, have you played cashflow for kids with them? (although age 2 sounds quite young....) as friends of mine who have exposed their kids to CF for Kids have had great experiences with their kids' maths results improving and also keeps them occupied in searching for real estate signs etc when driving (a bit like playing spot the yellow car on a long trip)

      You could always reward them with an activity of their choice after x hours of house hunting.


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        No, we haven't played CF for kids with them, but we have looked at the download version, and weren't too impressed, because the spoken 'encouragement' did not seem to be linked to what you did.

        For example, you would buy a doo-dad, and get 'You're doing really well' message.

        Also, investment opportunities were optional, but doo-dad purchases were compulsory, which seemed to take away a lot of the decision making. After a few minutes of playing, it was obvious that all opportunities should be taken - there didn't seem to be a cashflow problem doing so, so why not!

        Has anyone else play the electronic version (its free for schools) and/or the Kids version for comparison?