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    Hi Guys

    Received this email today. Anybody want to take it off my hands?


    I got your address while surfing the net in search of someone I would bare my mind to. I decided to forward this business proposal to you because I hoped for the right person to work with, who is trustworthy and will not think of cheating me or cashing in on an opportunity like this. I got two other addresses but I decided to try yours first. Let me take a brief time to introduce myself to you. I am MR OSBOR MARTINS, the only son of Late Col.Richard Martins, one of the senior officials of Revolutionary United Front of Liberia (R.U.F) who died on 18/06/2000 with some of his colleagues during a cross fire battle between the R.U.F. and the Peace Keeping Forces in Liberia which includes ECOMOG, British troops and other U.N. forces. I want to invest the sum of twenty million and five hundred thousand dollars in your country. This money was deposited by my father in a security company abroad as a family treasure. I reached that conclusion with my mother who has since about th ree years been suffering from the shocks of her husband's death and the subsequent death of a baby who died during birth, I have been around her ever since making use of the money left for us at home by my father. I want you to assist me to claim the money and have it transfered to your country with the aim of using it for investment. This is hoping that you will not betray me at the end. I will give you 15% of the total sum of money for your assistance. Please treat this matter confidentially because my whole life depends on this, I have nothing else left in this world, we lost everything to the war including our duplex of ten ten bedrooms which was burnt down by rebels. And even now the interim government is seizing assets of former officers.

    Before we can commence on this transaction, I expect there to be a draft agreement which will bind both of us together for the safety of my wherewithal.

    Please I need you to indicate your interest as soon as possible, reply me on [email protected]

    Urgently waiting for your reply.
    "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx

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    Cool... I got an email telling me I'd won the UK Lotto the other day )
    You can find me at: Energise Web Design


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      There's a website that has a whole email trail of someone who replied to one of these emails taking the piss more and more each time.

      Can't find it now tho. Oh well I guess you had to be there...