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Videos - Techies please help?

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  • Videos - Techies please help?

    Hi - am hoping someone with more technical nouse than me (wouldn't take much) can help here.

    I'm on Vodafone's mobile broadband 1GB / month plan and as much as I love watching the videos uploaded here, watching them chews through 1 GB very quickly. Is there anyway I can still watch these vids and not eat up so much entitlement?

    You can reduce photo size for e-mailing etc can you do this with video or is that a really dumb question?

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    hmmm I don't think so - the videos stream through YouTubes servers so I bet they would be as compact as possible. I read somewhere about 4 weeks ago that YouTubes daily bandwidth bill is 1 million USD!

    I am starting to add a description to the video posts I do now so people can decide if they want to watch the video or not. I hope this helps you a little bit - at least you can decide if you want to watch it or not.


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      Yes, that is helpful, thanks Marc.
      This will be the shortest thread in PT history! lol

      Feel free to delete it now...you know....to save bandwidth...lol


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        I say upgrade to 5GB It's only a few $$ more. For lots of enjoyment and learning.


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          Yes, Donna, good advice, but then I would just find something else to use up 5GB....like....oh....you know!?


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            Don't close this thread yet.

            Use your phones browser and go to http://vuclip.com
            Here you can view different youtube clips but they are converted into other formats to suit any phone. Eg 3gp, mp4 etc

            Bonus of this is the files maybe smaller.


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              Hey guys, I would suggest utilising the abundance of free wifi out there with your mobile phone.
              Your phone should use wifi before your phone network connection.
              Any maccs, starbucks... etc.
              But your wifi will use more of your mobile battery, so switch it off when not in use.