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    This should surprise no one. The blowdadrone apologist is disappointed and disagrees with the Court decision. No surprises, there. Of course, using the same brush from the pot of bottomless tar, the sparkless NZ Telecon competition is just the same.
    Leopards Don't Change Their Spots
    Neither do Telecomms Companies

    Vodafone One NZ cops biggest Fair Trading Act breach fine for misleading customers
    Brianna McIlraith
    14 Aug 2023

    One NZ, formerly known as Vodafone, has been handed a record $3.675 million fine for misleading consumers in the marketing of its FibreX broadband service.

    The penalty is the largest handed down by a court under the Fair Trading Act.

    Commerce Commission chair John Small said it was a “significant win for Kiwi consumers”.

    ”Every New Zealander should be able to trust what businesses are saying in their marketing and promotion of their services.”

    One NZ was found by the Auckland District Court in 2021 to have misled consumers into believing its FibreX service was fibre-to-the-home broadband, when it was not. It was also found to have been falsely suggesting to consumers that FibreX was the only available broadband service at their address, which was not true.

    The company was sentenced in April 2022 on 18 representative charges under the Fair Trading Act relating to conduct in Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch, where its FibreX-branded service was offered, between October 26, 2016, and March 28, 2018. It was fined $2.25m.

    That was appealed by the commission, which argued it was “manifestly inadequate” and did not appropriately reflect the seriousness of the offending, and the size and financial resources of the business.

    The High Court rejected One NZ’s appeal against the sentence and conviction and backed the commission’s view.

    New Zealand's Vodafone changed its name to One NZ in April, under a rebrand first announced last year.

    The promotion of FibreX denied consumers the ability to make an informed choice about the most appropriate broadband option for their needs, the commission said.

    “By misleading consumers into believing FibreX was fibre-to-the-home, One NZ distorted competition by giving itself an unfair advantage over its competitors who were selling true ‘fibre’, including local fibre companies and other retailers,” Small said.

    Small said the new record fine reflected the seriousness of the company’s conduct and would “serve as a strong deterrent to other large businesses”.

    One NZ spokesperson Conor Roberts said the fine related to a now discontinued promotion that ran from late 2016 to early 2018 when the business was known as Vodafone.

    “We are very disappointed with the outcome and respectfully disagree with the court’s decisions both in its initial conviction, and subsequent dismissal of our appeal. We will consider our response and have no further comment at this time.”

    One NZ has a long history with the Commerce Commission, which spans back to 2011, when it was fined $81,900 for breaching the Fair Trading Act in relation to its $1-a-day mobile phone internet data charges promotion.

    In 2019 it was fined $350,000 for making false representations in invoices it sent to customers after it pleaded guilty and in July this year the commission issued a Stop Now Letter to One NZ for representations made in its campaign promoting “100% mobile coverage. Launching 2024”.


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    Yeah, I'm not a fan of their competition either. We've tried to get fibre to one rental, and Chorus won't contact our PM to do it. Our PM has tried a few times too. I wish Starlink was competitive so we could just use that and not need fibre laid etc.


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      Originally posted by donna View Post
      I wish Starlink was competitive so we could just use that and not need fibre laid etc.
      What's the installation price for you? I qualify for the rural pricing special, so I'm going with that. It's still more per month, but I can cope with that. Especially as the Mbps will be some 40 times higher.

      I've purchased the installation kit, but the actual change will take some time and quite some effort to implement. Additionally, it will need my preferred IT tech to install and make it work. He's been to do a site assessment. (I have lots of trees which make dish / aerial 'star-gazing' problematic.) I've been with the same sparkless telecon outfit for over 40 years, but the company's recently evinced woke, misogynistic BS, plus the way they treated me post-cyclone Gabrielle, means any latent sense of loyalty I may've had, has been decisively crushed.