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Spaceman, what ever happened to him?

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  • Spaceman, what ever happened to him?

    Where has Spaceman disappeared to?
    We still need to finish our "Fly stops train" discussion.

    No question is forgotten until its solved.

    Theoretical concepts like infinite regression put aside for the moment, and the thin slicers of integrated spaces ignored for now..

    Consider that for the train and fly to be at zero velocity, they must touch.

    Have you considered that things never touch, they merely mess with each others electron probability fields?

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    Wake up Spacee old man!

    You didn't think I was ever going to let you off easy.

    There are so many ways to solve this seeming paradox.

    Each solution gives insight into a particular weakness in a particular field of study.
    Well its all the same weakness, but just in different forms.

    What field of study did you want to play in?

    I'd even be happy to discuss this with respect to the basic geometric definitions.
    The train an the fly meet at a point,
    and the definition of a point is less than one dimensional.
    What does that mean exactly.
    Now that's got to be interesting to you.

    If you've realized you're just way out of your depth, all good.

    Just don't eat the playdough, they put salt in it. (ha).

    Cheers McD

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