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When Is Zero Not Zero?

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  • When Is Zero Not Zero?

    When there's easy money to be made?

    Perhaps there needs to be a re-run of the 'official' story with some additional insights?

    Picking motorists off, one-at-a-time for infringements is too easy and earns revenue.

    Picking off law-breaking protesters en masse is too hard, endangers police officers and earns no revenue.

    Who do the Police (and Nash*) think they're kidding?

    Is this the new police mantra:

    Crime fighting costs
    But motorists pay
    Cars we will stop
    While crims get away.

    You be the judge.

    Covid 19 coronavirus: Police allowed gang tangi during lockdown
    28 May

    Police were told a hakari, or feast, would be held after the service at a Black Power gang pad in Pine Hill. Whanau representatives were told that would breach Covid-19 restrictions, and would not be condoned by police. But Baker wrote he could not see what options police had in stopping that from happening. "In terms of a response, I think our best course of action will be to allow this to occur. Trying to stop it will only create a worse situation for all." Police made it plain at the outset that they would take a graduated response to breaches.

    "As a first step they would engage with people to educate and encourage them to follow the rules. For persistent or repeated breaches they would consider arrests and prosecutions."

    Police didn't enforce level 2 restrictions at marches for fear of 'tension'

    3 Jun

    On Monday, thousands of protesters around the country marched in solidarity after the death of African American George Floyd while in police custody. However, politicians from across the aisle, and within Cabinet, complained the non-enforcement made a mockery of the Covid-19 alert levels. Enforcing alert level 2 restrictions at the Black Lives Matter marches could have caused tension in an otherwise peaceful protest, says one of New Zealand's top cops. "We have determined to take an educative approach with organisers on this occasion," she said.

    Coronavirus: Police 'disappointed' but no punishment for 500 protesters breaching lockdown
    29 Aug

    Auckland police say they are disappointed with hundreds of people who gathered in the CBD to protest the coronavirus alert level 3 lockdown. The majority of the protesters were not wearing masks, nor did they adhere to social distancing rules. But no punishments will be handed out as police are taking an educational approach, Acting Inspector Chris Scott said.

    Zero tolerance on speeding drivers all year round as cops get tough on motorists
    28 Aug

    Educative approach? Hell, no - there's easy money to be made, here.

    And let's not forget the unlawful roadblocks in Northland, a few months' back. Only a bit of false sabre-rattling by Nash, then. (We don't want to annoy those people unduly as they usually vote for us.)

    Then, the word 'educative' was substituted with "provide community reassurance and ensure they are operating safely."

    "Police has previously spoken around Iwi-led checkpoints - while our officers are not deployed to them, we do have staff visiting them to provide community reassurance and ensure they are operating safely."

    * Minister of Police and Minister of Revenue.

    "Police Minister Stuart Nash declined to comment. . ."

    There couldn't be a conflict of interest there, could there?

    Last edited by Perry; 31-08-2020, 11:29 AM. Reason: added road blocks item
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    He handles this portfolio as well as his fisheries one - where he does f**k all because he's in their pockets.
    Squadly dinky do!


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      You sure there's room in that pocket, with Winston First already firmly in residence?

      Isn't it a real oddity that, we-the-people are [supposedly] the employers of the W'gtopn woodenheads, but we don't get to decide their terms and conditions of employment? The best we can manage is their having some influence over their length of gold-plated sinecure, ahhhh, employment.

      Well, almost.

      We-the-people find that our employees get to decide our tax rate but we don't get to decide their pay rate.

      Maybe 'odd' isn't quite the right word?
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        How Much Tolerance For Hypocrisy?

        Now we have another one to add.

        Coronavirus: More than a thousand turn out for anti-lockdown rally in Auckland
        12 Sep 2020

        A number of police officers attended the protest to monitor the situation. Inspector Grant Tetzlaff, Auckland City Police said that police recognised people?s lawful right to protest.

        "However we also recognise the need for people to follow the current level 2 restrictions to do their part to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Police will continue to take an educative approach with attendees and organisers when necessary."

        Auckland is still under alert level 2.5, meaning social gatherings of more than 10 people are not allowed.

        The maximum penalty for failing to comply with orders under the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 is six months' imprisonment or a $4000 fine.

        Lotsa dosh to be made there.

        1000 protesters x $4000 fine = a cool four million dollars. Oh, first offence? Right. Halve the fine, then. That's a paltry two million dollars which would beat the hell out of the revenue from a few speeding tickets, if the police and politicians had the necessary backbone for it, of course!
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