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What are the only 4 investments you ever need to make?

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  • What are the only 4 investments you ever need to make?

    As some of you probably already know I am good friends with Mark Joyner so I won't pinch his great question.

    This is a question he has asked in a blog (the link is below) and I thought it was a good one to share with PTers to see what how our answers may compare to a whole different set of investors (Most of Marks followers are internet marketers)

    So herers the question...
    What are the only four investments you will
    ever need to make (in good times and bad)?
    If your mind starts racing with answers,
    you're not alone. Recently at Marks blog over 668 people
    placed a guess at what they were. (Mark is going to reveal the answer on the 6th.)

    You could put your answer up on this thread or take a look at the blog to see how your answers compare:


    Mark also asked another question...

    If you know the four areas to invest in, how
    do you do it?

    (the answer to this holds the key to just
    about anything you want)

    The good news is, anyone can do it.
    ...Young, Old...
    ...Wealthy or Poor...

    It doesn't matter. It applies to everyone,
    including YOU.

    Theres certainly some interesting answers.

    Cheers and I hope you enjoy.