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Happy Birthday Dean

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  • Happy Birthday Dean

    Hi Dean,

    We hope you are having a wonderful day today.



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  • #2
    Thanks Donna, still enjoying the beauty of Whananaki, in spite of the weather :-)


    • #3
      Where is Whananaki? Happy birthday too.


      • #4
        About 30 minutes past Whangarei. Some of the best beaches in the country, stunning bush, gorgeous place.
        I've only tried to buy 3 places so far because I'm on holiday :-)


        • #5
          Ok yes it is lovely up there, I know we looked a few years ago when we were considering all areas for our eventual move from Hamilton and we loved it up that way, Just decided in the end because we were planning to be travelling alot to be within an hour or so drive from a main airport so Waiheke Island won.

          Did you ever buy the property in Taupo bay I think it was a few years ago you said you were looking at? UP that way anyway.


          • #6
            I'm still negotiating at Taupo Bay funnily enough. But I've found something way better up here for 400K less so stay tuned :-)


            • #7
              Whananaki is very nice. My wife and I stumbled upon it some years ago. We went for a nice swim in the surf.

              Don't own any property there or anything, in fact never been back. But it did occur to me that it was a nice spot.

              Don't build a big mansion or anything there Dean, the beauty of it is that it's relativley unspoilt.
              Squadly dinky do!


              • #8
                It's way more developed now Davo, in certain parts. I'm not into mansions here mate, I have one waiting in heaven :-).


                • #9
                  We have stayed at Barons farm at beach there many times. Great in summer the kids love it.

                  I hope they have dropped the price on the overpriced sections in that new subdivision at Whananaki beach finally?
                  I enquired some years ago and only got one email back a couple months later, seems like the marketting was poor too.


                  • #10
                    Well there's the subdivision on th eflat by the shops sitting there unsold and at Moureeses there is a 4 lot subdivision over the road from the beach. Beautiful job but so expensive it will never sell. Then there's Rockell subdivision done by some non kiwis. Looks hideously American and out of place in such a pristine spot. None of anything is selling.
                    Raewyn and her family has stayed at Barrons for over 30 years.


                    • #11
                      Yep agree most of it is very overpriced. I think the lots past fire station opposite the beach were some Aucklanders from memory trying to make a buck.

                      Barrons is great two beaches for the kids and the toilets are much better than the old days. Pity the cell phone coverage down the very end is bad.