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Strong Fundamentals Reassure Investors Amid Concerns of New Housing “Bubble”

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  • Strong Fundamentals Reassure Investors Amid Concerns of New Housing “Bubble”

    (PRWEB) August 14, 2013. Investors have been paving the way toward economic recovery in Atlanta after the recent economic crisis that caused home values across the country to plummet back in 2007. Firms like Property4Prosperity, Inc., founded by Chayot and Jennifer Ing-aram, are helping companies and individuals interested in taking advantage of the city’s many growth opportunities find turnkey investment properties suitable for renting out for strong positive cash flow.
    While many potential investors speculate that another bubble is on the rise in Atlanta, which could pose even more potential hazards for the market when it bursts, Chayot Ing-aram thinks that those fears are unnecessary. “Atlanta is a well-diversified city. They don’t just rely on one particular economic sector for success,” he explains. “They have a strong financial foundation that’s going to help them maintain this recovery in the long-term.”
    Among the reasons Ing-aram cites for Atlanta’s stability is the uptick in job growth in recent months, particularly in the field of technology, where there are higher salaries than average. Atlanta also boasts a well-educated population, with 43% of the adults working there possessing college degrees. This number is well above the national average, which is only 27%. Several corporate powerhouses also call Atlanta home, including Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola Company, Delta Airlines, Aflac, Suntrust Banks, and Agco.
    Property4Prosperity is encouraging its investors, who are primarily based overseas in locations such as New Zealand and Australia, to consider expanding their investment activity from Memphis into Atlanta. They currently offer one-year home warranties from American Home Shield on each turnkey investment property they provide in Atlanta, as well as a one-year rent guarantee to add security and peace of mind for their clients.
    About Property4Prosperity
    Property4Prosperity is a California-based company that provides turnkey real estate investment opportunities in Memphis, TN and Atlanta, GA to clients around the world, including the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, and more. Find out more at their website, http://www.property4prosperity.com