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Using reputation management and social media to grow your business

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  • Using reputation management and social media to grow your business

    One topic I feel gets overlooked too often in the property management industry is an online reputation and having a strong social media presence.

    It’s no surprise that technology plays a huge role in the world today. With the amount of competition in the property management industry (and every industry, for that matter), a good online reputation is crucial for client retention and growth. There are a few ways you can manage your reputation and help grow your business

    The first way is managing online reviews. Owners, tenants, and vendors will take to Google, Yelp, and Facebook, among others, to share their experience with your company. A good rule of thumb is to respond to EVERY review that your company receives. This is important because it will show the world that your company cares about everyone’s experience and that you actually hear what customers are saying. For all good reviews, thank your customers for taking the time to leave the review and for the opportunity to serve them. Negative reviews need to be handled more delicately. Take the time to research the issue(s) the reviewer is discussing before adding your reply. Thank them for taking the time to share their experience, and respond in a positive tone to address any and all concerns they may have. Once you’ve finished your reply, leave them a phone number and/or email address to follow up on their review if they so choose. Keep in mind that some reviewers may lie or stretch the truth. Instead of being aggressive in your response, be polite and remind them of what actually happened.

    To help grow your online presence, ask for help from your trusted vendors, owners, and tenants. A simple email asking for a client to help you out by leaving a review can go a long way. Remind them that as you grow, your ability to better serve them will continue to get better as well. In turn, offer to post a review for your vendors, even if they don’t return the favor. The property management industry has the ability to grow dramatically if companies help each other grow together.

    Having a strong social media presence can benefit your reputation by showing the online community that you are engaged and care about current events, not just property management. Good news is, it isn’t hard to build an online presence! For example, on Facebook you can share local news stories, pictures from company events, and industry tips to help tenants and owners be proactive with their properties. As your online following continues to grow, so should your posts. Showcase your company and employees to help your customers put faces to names. Share trending posts and videos. Be creative! The possibilities are endless. Take to Instagram to share company pictures or other updates. Follow other management companies, vendors, etc. to stay connected.

    If you don’t have an online presence in today’s age, there’s a good chance you will be overlooked. As your presence grows, there will be a number of ways customers can bad-mouth your company, but the ability for good reviews and feedback also has the ability to outweigh the negative. Think of it this way: the better presence you have, the better you will be able to reach your customers and potential customers.