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Commercial Real Estate Improving With Record Investment

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  • Commercial Real Estate Improving With Record Investment

    Howdy All,

    Read the latest news from the "commercial" Front... click here!

    Have a nice day!

    "Carpe Diem"

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    its true.. due to heavy ROI this industry is growing rapidly.


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      I guess being able to find a proven commercial real estate agent who knows the ins and outs of the real estate game can definitely help in the long run. It’d be nice to know exactly how to land another record-setting investment.


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        Well the economy overall is slowly recovering from the recession that's why we are witnessing all these signs of improvement.


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          Real estate will always be in demand as this is the primary thing for everyone as everyone needs some place for their business or for residence, it may go down for some time, but it will bounce back every-time.


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            Well Alliee historical fact would be against you in many markets. There are parts of Memphis where houses sold for 30 to 50,000 that are now available from the city via tax sale for $1500. And they will likely never be worth anything again.


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              Hey everyone,

              Just my opinion but this is true and false there are areas where commercial or mixed use properties are recovering or developing rapidly in the US, but without someone on the ground with real first hand knowledge of the city it can be risky. Its a sad fact but many American cities can have massive swings in property value in a matter of a kilometer or 2.

              Just an example I joke about here in Kansas city. I saw a person trying to sell a strip of buildings holding small offices and shops between 31st st and Linwood Blvd on Troost Ave " A historic but depressed area" for 8 MILLION dollars the occupancy is close to 30% with none of the tenets appearing to be real money makers. The good news is the seller believes the property will be "valued at 24 million in future" HAHA while I do know some in the art community that believe that this will be a new entertainment district for the area, that is at least 20 years off.

              While in the present I could think of a dozen or more commercial building much closer to revitalization and proven commerce for less than half the price of that 8 million dollar deal.
              As Memphis TurnKey Property said you can get properties unbelievable cheap at the city tax sale, once owners don't pay the city for 3 years.
              Speaking of the Missouri tax sale is coming up next month. This is an opportunity to purchase properties at the near lowest prices available. Ideally we try to contact owners prior to the actual tax sale so that we can get owners to agree to sell for tax pay off and a few thousand dollars to get them a new place. In this scenario we or our clients would receive the properties with clear title for little over the tax cost and avoid the feeding frenzy that can occur at the court house steps.

              In the end do your own due diligence and if it sounds too good to be true... you know it is.



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                It is true. Real estate will always in demand and this is the primary thing for everyone as everyone needs some place for their business or for residence. It may go down for some time, but it will bounce back every-time. This industry is growing rapidly.


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                  Yes its true now property is in high demand. And the industry growing up rapidly. For any property and condo propertyup is the best option in USA.


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                    Very Informative Article.

                    Literally, the rental and property value growth indicates a gradual recovery of the economy from the recession. These positive signs demonstrate an improvement in the overall economic conditions, as reflected in the increasing rental rates and property values.