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    Hey, I am planning to buy a condo . These are several things in which i am confused. They are -:
    1) Can I buy a home without down payment? 2) I have a high credit score. Does it mean I could gain a better mortgage rate?3) How much I need to pay a real estate agent service to help me buy a house? 4) How many homes should I need to see before buying one? 5) Do I need to do a final walk through?I need all your valuable opinions .

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    It is recommended that you do a down-payment. You may qualify for a better mortgage rate based on many variables, including the credit score but also your current income. The fee to the real estate agent is usually a % of the home price and it varies depending on which state you are looking at; but if you are buying the house you don't pay anything, it is the seller who pays for that.

    There is no rule for how many homes you need to see. You should sit down and think about your budget and what you are looking for, work with a real estate agent and have him send you the new listings accordingly, have the agent help you as the agent will be able to compare the condo you are looking at with all the others in the area.

    Hope this helped.
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