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Sewer Backup

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  • Sewer Backup

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to this and not quite certain if i'm in the right forum. I'm fairly new to property management and had a situation come up that I could use some advice with. We just had a tenant move into a new property that has been vacant for 6 months, this is a two family home and they are on the first floor, second floor is vacant. Yesterday the sewer backed up and the plumber found tampons as the main cause. If we decide to charge the tenant for the plumber bill and clean up, do we take it out of her rent or her security deposit?

    Something to consider, it is hard to tell how old the tampons are, it could have been from the previous owner and just needed some minor use for the sewer to back up. This tenant just moved in 3 weeks ago.

    Appreciate any advice.

    Thank you,

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    Do you have a clause on the tenancy agreement to rule such events?


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      you didnt say how long the new tenant has been in??

      But based on "monthly use" this sounds like a previous tenant issue and your problem. Maybe the pipes drying out during non occupancy has been a factor?