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Bathroom redesign

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  • Bathroom redesign

    I am redesigning the master bathroom of my home to make it look more spacious. The renovators accidentally broke the vanity mirror but I consider it a blessing in disguise. That vanity mirror was my wife's favorite but I hated it. It had an odd shape and took up a lot of space. So now I am looking at new stylish vanity mirror designs from Better Living dispensers. I have heard about LED lighted vanity mirrors. Have anyone used them? How long do the lights last? I need durable product so if it doesn't last much I would prefer ordinary vanity mirror.

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    Hi there, LED vanity mirror works great for bathroom with low lights and makes your bathroom eye catching. These lights are energy efficient and do not consume much electricity. Try to choose the option with over 60% energy savings and brighter florescent lights. LED lights will hold out for many years and thousands of hours, even when used all day long.


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      Thanks brother, I would surely check that option.


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        Once upon a time spa like bathrooms were cramped and messy. No longer with innovative ideas. Among many tips few I would like to share.
        Keep everything the same color as far as possible. Opt for the ceiling the same color as the walls. Bledning the wall color and tile color is a good idea. Using clear glass in your shower and going big on mirrors. Provide for plenty of natural air and lighting


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          thanks for the tips, guys!