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Jim Rogers the UK is FINISHED!

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  • Jim Rogers the UK is FINISHED!

    Jim Rogers the UK is FINISHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbLfje8_jgI
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    Well he doesn't really say that now does he Steve. He says the oil is finished and so is the financial services sector. They have both been export industries but both have gone. So serious, but not the end of the UK.

    Now, on PBS Newshour I saw an article today about the recession in the US. They said these things:
    • In California, they have no money to pay their bills. The state I mean. This means they are not paying out tax refunds, not paying for childcare, and a whole host of other things the state government normally pays for. They just don't have the money! Now imagine the IRD here saying yes you are entitled to a refund but we can't pay it because we don't have the money! Unreal! They're not saying they will never pay, but that they're on a reduced payout service for a while until they get more cash!
    • In many states they can't afford to pay the police! There were 6 or so states where they are in budget deficits and so have to reduce front line police staff by say 10%. All this while crime is on the rise.
    This is like the beginning of the breakdown of society or something! You can't get your tax refund and the police are disappearing? Man.

    I would say the US, while not quite finished, is taking a battering!

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      Originally posted by Davo36 View Post
      Well he doesn't really say that now does he Steve.
      Don't blame me, blame the person who uploaded the vid and chose the title

      I was really just wanting to test the new youtube border