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should the uk burn it's bridges?

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  • should the uk burn it's bridges?

    the economist

    and currently 51% of their readers

    believe the uk should leave the eu

    The EU was sold to the British people as an economic proposition. Yes, they would have to give up a measure of democratic self-government; but, in exchange, they would be part of a flourishing trade bloc. Hardly anyone still believes in that equation.
    A company in my constituency will deal as easily with a business in Dunedin as with one in Dunkirk. More easily, indeed, since the New Zealand firm will be English-speaking, will have similar accountancy techniques and will use compatible common-law arbitration methods.

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    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    it probably should. The bridge hasn't been doing much for it in recent years.

    Also perhaps It's good that they didn't convert to the euro currency too


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      No Britain should stay in the EU. It's a massive market - a third of all global $$ is in the EU and Britain does quite nicely trade wise. The Art of War - "keep your friends close and your Enemies closer" - Britain is in a good position being in the EU but not the EMU.


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