Debating whether or not a property is worth what it is being asked for it is incredibly difficult. Now more than ever.

Myself, I am being evicted from my rented accommodation for nothing other than the LandLord wanting the apartment back. I have been given literally weeks to move myself. I am from London so you can imagine how I feel about looking for a new home.

I have recently stumbled across the idea of shared ownership housing, purely on the basis of an old friend mentioning it a while back. Looking today I have found only one really valuable site that can actually help me with this which is actually a site dedicated to this idea.

I'm not the richest of people so being able to put some of my money to a genuine use is genius! Rather than just purely renting out (which in London is ridiculously expensive about £1000 a month from somewhere half decent). I would like a debate on this idea to see what people who actually think about this.

Sophia Green.