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UK house prices will fall if Scotland votes independance

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  • UK house prices will fall if Scotland votes independance

    With last year's positive signs from the UK property market I thought it was going to recover to its pre-crisis state.

    However, the Scottish referendum on Thursday is believed to affect housing prices in the UK. Not only because of the uncertainty it causes at the moment, and will continue to cause after the vote, the stress put on interest rates, plus the questions arising on availability of wholesale funding for lenders make the picture even more worthy of attention. There are also some geographical factors that must be considered.

    What's your take on this one?

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    I'd always be a little bit careful when speculating in such a volatile market. Even for me and my team of estate agents, we're quite wary and make sure that we do our proper due diligence before recommending clients to invest in certain locations and in certain properties. And even for us as experts, if we are a little iffy, then I can't imagine what the rest of everyone is thinking!


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      Did house prices fall then???