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  • Broken window

    My tenant, an 18 yr old on benefits with a baby, has had the living room window broken by a jealous ex. She has said she had it fixed and it broke again on fitting, then she says she cant afford to get it replaced. Notice for breach will suit her as she wants me to evict her to get a bigger house on the social but it suits me to have her there as long as possible. Should I fix it myself? Is it my responsibility?

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    What I suggest you do, is write up a letter in which she acknowledges the broken window and that she doesn't have any money to fix it. She wants you to take the $'s for fixing the window from the Bond when she leaves (whenever that may be). Get her to sign it. Then fix the window.

    If she won't sign the letter, issue her with a 10 Day Notice to Remedy. She probably won't fix it anyway, so it's a bit pointless . It MAY push her into going to WINZ to get the money to fix the window but I doubt it. A Notice to Remedy (Breach) is not necessarily an eviction notice but if she wants to move, she'll use it that way.

    It may not suit you at this time, but an unhappy tenant is problematic.
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    Patience is a virtue.


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      It's in the UK.

      How much will it cost to fix? Probably worth it as over time you could end up with a number of other repair issues and it will be a nightmare.

      Does your insurance cover it?

      How much bond do you have?


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        Dang!! See what happens when I don't check the region. *sigh*

        Thanks for the "heads-up".
        Patience is a virtue.


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          Thank you for the replies. Unfortunately I dont have a bond as the 'agency' (homeless charity) I was with originally advised me to go with first and last months rent so I got two months upfront.
          She assures me she did purchase glass and her new beau fitted it for her and it cracked due to a fault in the glass which they are now taking up with the supplier. The cost is £168 to have supplied and fitted myself and my insurance does cover it with a £100 excess.

          I have asked her to let me know the outcome of the complaint over the glass 'flaw'. I have a text message from her saying she cant afford to replace it again.
          I realise its just not worth trying to pursue her for money, there is a LOT of painting and cleaning to do when she moves out whether I decideto sell or relet but I should get rent from the local authority right up until she moves out so in effect I will have had one months rent as the bond.

          I know she will go at some point as it is only a one bed property and she needs space for the child who is coming up two years old this Christmas.


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            P.s. I have written to her acknowledging the conversation with her at the last inspection which records all the issues which were discussed including access for the annual gas safety check. She has been delaying making an appt for the servicer to call so I will be posting a key to the gas people if she doesnt let them in soon. I live 300 miles away from the property!


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              you can give a notice for some days or can take this money from the bond when she will leave your home.