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Should i have to pay rent?

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  • Should i have to pay rent?

    i am currently paying £600 rent pcm. I informed my landlord of a leak in the bathroom (due to the outside roofing) 3 months ago. Only 3 weeks ago did my landlord actually do anything about this other than come and look at it. Since then i have been left without a bathroom due to leaks left right and centre especially over the bath and toilet and fibre glass hanging out where the ceiling had been removed. I have a 1 year old and this had really put me out as i've been having to go back and forth to my mums to bath her and myself. I have informed my landlord that i will only pay her £300 this month instead of the £600 due to having no bathroom. i haven't sought any legal advice. Would i have a leg to stand on?

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    Takes me back to my flatting days in London! no fun, however, with a child.

    Is there a government run tenancy mediation service? call centre etc that you can call on for advice?
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      hi jodiepettit,
      It takes me back to my flatting days in London. I spent these days without toilet. I think this is a general problem in London. Landlords do not pay any attention to their tenants. I suggest you should pay half rent to the landlord. Otherwise you call to tenancy mediation service for advice.
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        Its a really big issue that should be come into notice to the landlords and tenancy mediation services...
        They should provide the complete rights and services for their rental property living persons..


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          This is much better to avoid fight. Please leave such house and look for other.