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Strategy Video - You've started investing, what to do NEXT when you're stuck?

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  • Strategy Video - You've started investing, what to do NEXT when you're stuck?

    Hi team

    Admin FYI - this is not sales or promotional material.


    I got together with my original property mentor Peter Ambrose and 6 investors on a group video chat.

    The question was what to do next? All these investors had made a start and had now got stuck somewhere, such as finance, needing to invest in a different way to keep moving forward, a change in goals etc.

    It was an interesting conversation with a lot of good questions from our guests and I think Pete and I did a decent job in the short time for each guest (well it did nearly hit 2 hours) to give some ideas on what they could work on next.

    Audio / Podcast - https://soundcloud.com/ifindproperty...-strategy-call

    Video - https://vimeo.com/296226835


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    Nick I watched the video, it was great thanks for sharing.

    I've been feeling a bit 'stuck' myself, trying to come to terms with selling a property as a buy and hold investor to free up cash to fund a big reno/development. I could relate to the comment Peter made in your video - 'We're not huge fans of selling unless we really need the money to accelerate our wealth in other areas.'


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      Nice video Nick.
      May have some great buying time coming up if many investors
      Have fully committed their funds.
      If all goes well I may even be able to mature my term deposits


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        Great Video Nick, thank you.
        Escape is easier than change!

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          I think I have finally go to a point where I know what I want to do and need to go ahead and find a way to do it. I’ve decided to trade my job for property trading. The fun part is finding money to start doing it.
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