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90 at 9: October 05: David Henderson almost bankrupt

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  • 90 at 9: October 05: David Henderson almost bankrupt

    Panel 1 David Henderson Bankrupt today Christchurch David Perpetual Trust, FM custodians Panel 2 5 mile Hendos hole IRD a creditor Were here to help Hanover Finance Panel 3 Auckland David Hilton Ho...

    From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McPj6mBf3ZQ&feature=sub

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    Hickey hiccup

    Henderson survives bankruptcy hearing
    By MARTIN VAN BEYNEN - The Press
    Last updated 05:00 06/10/2009

    Christchurch developer David Henderson has avoided bankruptcy on the day before he is expected to appear in court on breaches of the Financial Reporting Act.

    His lawyer, Austin Forbes, QC, told Associate Judge Rob Osborne in the High Court in Christchurch yesterday that sufficient money was now available to pay the debt of $156,752 to Perpetual Trust, plus costs.

    Perpetual had applied to the court to bankrupt Henderson and was joined by supporting creditor FM Custodians, which is owed $11 million.

    Forbes said sufficient money to pay the Perpetual debt would soon be transferred to the trust account of Clive Cousins, Henderson's solicitor. Some documentation was still required, but it was not anticipated that would be a problem.
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      More than Hickey getting it wrong, one has to ask what the $^(#__*( is Hickey doing talking about it. He's now a media sensational journo instead of an economic commentator. One assumes a vendetta or jealousy or ?????


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        Q: What is Hickey doing talking about it ?
        A: Hello, it's a thing called journalism -- and part of its function is public accountability.

        Only someone without empathy would delight in David Henderson’s financial plight, but on what basis would you PREVENT Bernard Hickey (or anyone else) from 'talking about it'?

        Personally, I find the "Oooh, he's being critical -- it must be ‘a vendetta' or 'jealousy'" schtick implausible and evasive.

        And, let’s face it, both Dave Hendersons mentioned in Hickey’s report had plenty of adoring media coverage on their way up the beanstalk.

        What do others think?

        - Peter

        (PS. But too bad Hickey's bullet points overstate his “is due to be made bankrupt” and “calling for his bankruptcy” script.)
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