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Economic weather report: New Zealanders hoarding more cash

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  • Economic weather report: New Zealanders hoarding more cash

    Bernard Hickey delivers an Economic Weather Report in association with ASB, including a look at a chart showing New Zealanders appear to be using and/or hoarding more cash in the last six months. T..

    From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l1I8wdavtY

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    Old stuff

    OMG Jenny, when did this come out as it looks like so much on here that isn't up-to-date with the graphs showing spending towards christmas but nothing about now with escalating unemployment showing how overall people have less to spend now.
    These Bernard Hickey video things have some good information but generally more misdirected information and internet information isn't that honest as it could be years or even decades old so shouldn't be taken as trustworthy.
    This hasn't changed my thoughts at all but tells me beware more of scammers.