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90 at 9: Fonterra Auction record low down 15% since May

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  • 90 at 9: Fonterra Auction record low down 15% since May

    Panel 1 Fonterra Auction Price down 3% Record low Down 15% since May Panel 2 Payout forecast NZ$4.55/kg Closer to NZ$4/kg? Longer recession? Panel 3 NZ$ down to 64 USc California bankrupt Fiscal ...

    From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JWUq0BhIhE

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    This is better

    Jenny, much more realistic than the 'Economic Weather Report: New Zealanders Hoarding More Cash'.
    It certainly shows how confusing the financial market is at the moment. I expect New Zealanders to hoard more cash as banks are so tight and inconsiderate of the customers that regardless of how much cash you have in a bank they don't care to value your borrowing ability more! Consider also how many people have lost their life savings or been scammed into property they can't afford or have retirement superannuation funds frozen, this meaning less money in circulation than comparitively during any other declining period of our economy. The present government have done absolutely nothing at all to put better regulation and protection into these areas of investment so until they do, it is better to save money in safe areas rather than enter the investment field where odds of failure are more than it has been since previous bad recessions.