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    A "spy” tactic that I will share with Pt people re tenant selection.

    As a vigilant (suspicious) mother of teen girls - I had a few months ago joined up with my own personal- but relatively anonymous- profile to the "Bebo" social networking site (Im “sassy00cassy” ) that the kids are all into. (America has MySpace but Bebo has taken off here in NZ) I have found out some stuff about young teens that made me even more suspicious of what my kids & their friends are up to & - quite frankly – some bebo profiles have shocked and amazed me, including the hostile anti-police (FTP) one set up by a Palmy North boy racer set

    But as a Property Manager I am now searching Bebo Profiles for info on tenant applicants...hey if they happen to have a PUBLIC bebo profile (and a lot of them do) there is no breach of privacy law in checking out if their interests are partying & drugs or if they have gang affiliations & I have had the bonus of downloading photos of tenants to keep in my files for possible debt collection/document serving. It was all there for the taking

    The tenants I just selected - from a dozen student applicants for a wellington 4 bedder located 1.5 km from the Uni- had bebo profiles that revealed interests & recreational pursuits that were quite tame & wholsome (I read that these girls cry over chick flick movies and love thier families ;-)
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    My flatmates gf was around last weekend & showed me her bebo page. I was astonished to see that half of Dargaville (well it looked like 1/2) was on bebo! Like you say very popular & I hadn't even heard of it till then.


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      Great tip - thanks!

      BTW - its at
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