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Granny pads on the rundown of unlawful premises, is this an answer?

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  • Granny pads on the rundown of unlawful premises, is this an answer?

    Agreed Granny pads who have a non relative living in it. Might this actually be plausible? Work like an extremely nitty gritty 'flatmate' arrangement where the flatmate might reside independently to the proprietor of the house.
    The Residential Tenancies Act (the Act) is the law that safeguards occupants and property managers in New Zealand. Not all living plans are covered by the Act.

    The Act applies to each occupancy for private purposes (leasing a spot to live in), besides in specific cases. The Act doesn't cover, for instance, flatmates, understudy convenience, occasion homes, lodgings and inns, medical clinics and rest-homes, or business occupancies.
    Here and there, gatherings to a living game plan not covered by the Residential Tenancies Act (the Act) conclude they might want to be covered. To do this, they can pursue a concurrence with one another expressing that the Act will apply to their living game plan. This is known as 'contracting in' to the Act.

    Not certain who gets the bond as the Act says it goes into the RT Trust Account.
    Who manages questions? Debates Tribunal?
    How does the wide range of various TT references get taken care of?

    Is this an opportunities for the granny level situation?

    Toss it at me guys..............I am certain there are defects I can't see haha.

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    Would the exemption in 5 (1) n of the RT Act apply?

    (n) where the premises, not being a boarding house, continue to be used, during the tenancy, principally as a place of residence by the landlord or the owner of the premises or by any member of the landlord’s or owner’s family

    I think Perry has views on this.


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      the problem is that the TT can overrule your arrangement even if s5 applies. You rely on the letter of the law but they make it up for themselves.

      the building act recognises familys and house holds as being the same. This is why a granny flat should be able to be used for a member of the same household. TT say they see a separate tenancy and rule accordingly. Be prepared for the challenge?