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Moving out near the holidays -tenant

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  • Moving out near the holidays -tenant

    Hi all, our tenants of 6 years sent their 4 weeks notice to move out. Sad to see them leave. They've been very good tenants with no missed payments and low maintenance.

    I'm at lost at the moment as they're our very first tenants so never had any experience what to do when someone moves out.

    We're wanting to change the carpets and replace the bathroom (in the pipeline for our to do list anyway) and probably update the paintings on the wall hoping to get higher rent from new tenant. Given that the tenants are moving out before the christmas holiday week, we have time to do the "work" and hoping to have someone new by the new year or mid-January. So no hurry to get someone in right away.

    My concerns are:

    1. how many weeks should we take into account when doing carpet and bathroom replacement (squeezing painting in between) considering tenants are moving out a week before Christmas (wrong timing with the holidays coming). Booking carpet layers and plumbers will be an issue around this time.

    2. what are the chances tenants are looking for house to move in during January? Given the holidays around this time.

    Happy to hear thoughts/suggestions/input on best things to approach this.


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    Hi ak22,

    Are you managing the property - or do you use a property manager?

    How big is the property?

    Are you likely to find other maintenance to do - maybe a full replacement of something? For example, replacing the hot water cylinder if it's on its last legs.

    As you say - get it all done whilst the property is vacant as it's near impossible to do anything substantial done when you've got tenants. We did something similar to a rental a year ago and it took us 8 weeks - though we also replaced the bathroom, kitchen and got a new roof, and new fencing.

    Where is the rental located - most areas are suffering a shortage so getting tenants shouldn't be an issue.

    You might like to get a valuation done after you've renovated too.



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      Their has been an increase and real demand for rental property, . You most likely will achieve a higher rent without having to do all the refurbishment .