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Is a Water Filter a legal requirement?

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  • Is a Water Filter a legal requirement?

    My tenant has said that a water filter is a legal requirement - is it? It has a concrete tank with a lid on it so nothing can fall or crawl in, I lived there for 10 years and never had a problem with it, nor did I get it cleaned. When I moved out I got cracks in the tank repaired, tank drained cleaned and new water etc. Previous tenants were fine with it, current tenant doesn't like the taste of the water.

    All I can find in Section 45 of the RTA is that we must provide a water supply.

    Section 45
    1. (ca) if the premises do not have a reticulated water supply, provide adequate means for the collection and storage of water; and

    If I do have to supply a water filter, what method is the cheapest and easiest way please.

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    Originally posted by Angela1 View Post
    My tenant has said that a water filter is a legal requirement - is it?
    Ask your tenant to supply the relevant legislation. If you don't want to do the filter bit.

    A link to "legislation" not someones' interpretation of legislation would do the trick. I say this as they are using the "legal requirement" phrase.
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      Hi Keys
      Thanks for your reply. Yes I have done that, and sent an enquiry to Tenancy Services. I was trying to find it for myself as I was wondering if anyone on this forum had any interesting interpretations of the act in respect to this previously, or something else I have no knowledge of since i'm learning on the go. I suspect they may refer to the Drinking Water Standards NZ - since a water filter company informed them of the supposed legal requirement. However that doesn't appear to apply to single house water supplies - the lowest scenario that act applies to that I could find was where a supply of drinking water was for 101 - 500 people for at least 60 days per year. I am sure that one day will be be required to do water testing and statements as to water pipe suitableness just like the heating.


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        You won't get a reliable answer from Tenant Services - that's for sure.

        Looks like a follow-the-money thing. "a water filter company informed them of the supposed legal requirement."

        Follow Keys advice. Don't waste any more of you time looking for something that may not exist. Insist that the tenant provides you with the legislation being replied on for making such a claim. Not the water filter company's interpretation.
        As for taste, many people don't like the chlorine taste of reticulated water and themselves pay for a filtering device to be installed to minimise that taste.
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          If they are unhappy with the taste, you could suggest they buy a filter that sits on the bench and has a push on connector to the tap. Available for around $100-120. That way it's theirs to keep and they can take it with them if they leave.

          This wont answer the original question but is still relevant....

          How is the tank supplied? Some councils require testing of private well supplies. Usually more recent installations such as last 10-15years
          If required, there would be a condition in the resource consent specifying testing details. Though you'd probably know about it by now if Council was doing their job properly.


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            Hi Driftah
            Thanks for the tip on the water filter thing good idea, where do you get such a contraption please, I just did a google search on portable water filters and come up with camping style ones.
            Council does not require water testing of single dwelling homes, I think what you are referring to is the Drinking Water Standards NZ but that only comes into play when the water source is providing for more than 500 people. No resource consent was required as this house and tank has been there since the 70's.