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Move in and out during lockdown period

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  • Move in and out during lockdown period

    Old tenant scheduled to move out 2 weeks later and new tenants schdeuled to move in the following day.

    Old tenant requested extension of 4 weeks due to lockdown but new tenant lives in temporary accommodation and don't want to change the tenancy start date.

    I called tenancy advise line, they advised the legislation hasn't changed, the old TT need to discuss with the LL and it is up to the LL to accept the extension request or not. However, the old TT said it's not up to the landlord to allow a extension it is the current law that they are not to move until quarantine period is over.

    If LL agree with the extension, he is in breach the agreement with new TT. The new TT stands ground to claim the cost of Airbnb or hotel and related moving cost against the LL.

    Is moving houes essential travel?
    Any advise please - what should LL do?

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    no one here knows anymore than you. we can tell you what you want to hear but we can't tell you what the rules are.

    My POV is that moving house is not essential and I personally would not want to do it.


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      Seems a matter of which law trumps which. Tenant Services won't have a clue.

      There will be allowances for people not able to do so by Wednesday, but you should call the Covid-19 information helpline on 0800 779 997 to let them know your circumstances and get advice.
      It's worth listening to the video on this Herald item.


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        Old tenant can stay. You do not have the legal ability to get them out. New tenant can not move in.

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