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Tenant requested repair then complains about unlawful access. TWICE

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  • Tenant requested repair then complains about unlawful access. TWICE

    1. Tenant complains about leak under sink on Friday night. Arrange to fix Monday. Accepted by tenant. Turn up on Monday as agreed, knock on the door, let in by his wife. After I leave I receive a nasty email from the tenant saying I have broken the law and invaded their privacy by not giving 48hrs notice of a repair. From now on demands an appointment (since when do tradesmen make appointments?)

    2. Tenant requests deck railing repair. I state I will be on the property on Wednesday at 11am. Turn up at 11 and do the repairs. Leave 2pm. At 4pm tenant comes home from work. Rent is several weeks overdue. I decide to go over and hand him a 14 day notice. He states that paying rent in advance is optional, and he didn't move in until 5 days after the TA began, therefore is not late. He will pay when he is good and ready.
    After leaving I receive another rude email. declaring that I had not given 24hrs notice to enter the property, and therefore my knocking on the door is a breach of the act. Tenants are "highly stressed and victimised by my repeated illegal entry and invasion of privacy".
    I explain that I can enter the grounds any time, and knock on the door any time. And besides, 24hrs notice had been given for that date.

    So what happens next time they want something fixed?
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    Why not apply to the TT for termination on the grounds the rent is more than 21 days in arrears. You don't need to wait till the 14 days are up. Unless it is paid might be worth going to mediation rather than a hearing. Reason being the tenant has a chance to complain bitterly at the mediation and may be brought into line by the mediator. If arrears occur again, the TT.

    Probably they will pay but will at least see you are serious.


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      Put all corresponds in writing.


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        Even tenancy services themselves are utterly confused about how many days are overdue and say it now has to go to tribunal


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          get rid of the pricks-- they seem to be nothing but trouble


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            Yep. Anyone with that attitude has got to go.
            My blog. From personal experience.


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              Originally posted by crashy View Post
              1. Tenant complains about leak under sink on Friday night....So what happens next time they want something fixed?


              This is interesting.

              Sorry for your stress.

              Welcome to dealing with people of different social understandings than your own.

              My gut instinct tells me that they are just resentful having to pay so much of their money for a roof over their head.
              They may also be short of cash and just getting frustrated by their own situation.,
              Rather than blaming themselves, they are putting it on you.
              It's probably neither of your faults.

              So, to answer your question, ( which is not the same as solving your problem , BTW).

              Q: How will I do repairs.?

              A: Think of him as a customer, and yourself as a business.
              Ask your customer how best to meet their needs.
              Just ask him how he wants you to do the repairs scheduling.
              Come up with a joint plan.

              Your aim is to extract cash for a service.

              If it turns out that he's not a good customer and simply hasn't got the cashflow to support his lifestyle, then you need to figure out a way to get out of the situation, with as little money loss and stress as possible.
              Learn and repeat.

              Confrontation might not be your cup of tea. Who know, you might like it.

              Please keep us up to date.


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                Nice words, McDuck.

                Should be followed by 'or get a property manager'