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Bad tenants needs to be removed fast.

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    Originally posted by BlueSky View Post
    Yes i have all those. Its basic things dripping water on carpet /tiles while walking across to sit on the coach , not bothering to wipe it, those new carpets cost me a lot.
    I am just wondering if I am better off parting ways.

    Some choose to live that way, I have seen it before, apart from visiting their previous tenancy bfore signing them up, what else can you do ?
    I had tenants like the ones you describe - paid the rent on time but were extremely messy inside .
    The property was covered with dirty clothes and junk over the carpet. I was told by Tenancy advisers you cannot dictate the way they live inside the house. That led me to thinking well as long as there are no damages it should be fine after they leave.When they finally left they were presented with bills for necessary cleaning , including dry-cleaning quotes for curtains and gross carpet stains which they baulked at. I had informed them prior that they needed to attend to these matters before exiting.
    In the end the tenant refused to communicate anymore via email and wanted me to deal with her father who had nothing to do with the tenancy . So that forced my hand to bring the matter to TT.
    I won most of what i had billed her for , but certainly not worth the headache of it all.
    One year later the tenant sent me an email asking if i could please remove the publication details of the Tenancy Tribunal result as she was then looking for another rental .
    I was happy not to oblige her request.
    The TT files have public accessibility for 3 years afaik.
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      Those type of tenants tend to have a large amount of flies.
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        Flies, files or blow flies?
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          A large amount of flies are generated by filth. Not an issue says the court. You cannot tell tenants how to live say the court.

          Filthy tenants do not, by definition, clean.

          Flies poop on ceilings. YESSS! That is something which can be addressed.

          Silly isn't it?
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