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Bond Refund of Deceased Tenant

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  • Bond Refund of Deceased Tenant


    I have an unusual situation. In one of my rentals I had a very long term tenants and both of them had passed away. We have some overdue arrears to be recovered from the bond.

    When the PM filed a bond refund claim it was advised that we need to go the Tribunal to get the bond refunded. An application was lodged to the Tribunal and the decision was to get a Power of Attorney from the next of kin. We were unable to locate any relatives or siblings. They are aged couple with no children and no known siblings or relatives.

    What can be done in this case? Any advise welcome.

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    i wonder of the public trust would know

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      Power of attorney is a waste of time. You need to go to the trustee of the estate. If no will, then you need to follow up with the public trust. Have you issued a termination notification to the trustee? Silly, I know, but necessary. Or, if you can not find a trustee, apply to the court for termination of the tenancy.

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        Complicated situation, if there isn’t a legal Will with an appointed Guardian then Social Services guided by court make the decisions. Possibly another case where the Tenancies Services fail to assist. I would start enquiring the court procedures.