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Terminating a Tenancy

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  • Terminating a Tenancy

    I have a property currently occupied by four tenants. All four names are on the Tenancy Agreement as joint tenants, and it is a periodic tenancy.

    One of the tenants is quite good, two others are so-so and the fourth tenant is bad news.

    The two so-so tenants have now given their 21 days notice.

    Normally, assuming the other two wish to continue, I would amend the current tenancy, sort out the bond situation, carry out a property inspection on the day the two depart, and continue on from there.

    However, I would really like to seize the opportunity to terminate the tenancy at that time, largely to get rid of the bad tenant. If I did that, I would then probably give the good tenant the option of a new tenancy from that point.

    Is there any legal way of my terminating the tenancy of all four at the time the two depart without needing the agreement of the tenants?

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    Yes. The following is from the Tenancy Services website.

    "A tenant in a periodic tenancy can just give notice
    While the information on this page applies to both fixed-term and periodic tenancies, a tenant in a periodic tenancy who wants to leave can choose to just give notice to end the tenancy. This means that, if there’s multiple tenants named on the tenancy agreement, the landlord can take that notice as ending the tenancy for all of them.

    If the other tenants want to remain in the property they should contact the landlord and reach an agreement for the tenancy to carry on."


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      Originally posted by flyernzl View Post
      ..... it is a periodic tenancy.

      The two so-so tenants have now given their 21 days notice.
      The tenancy has been terminated by the tenants. You only need one in a periodic to terminate a tenancy.

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        Thanks guys. Just wanted to make sure I was on firm ice before initiating action.


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          Effectively they have terminated the existing tenancy agreement which leaves you free to formulating a new one should you desire.