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  • Wheel chair access

    Hi all,

    A community service provider for disabled people offered me to upgrade wheel chair access for bathroom for free. There will be eventually a couple of other areas that need to have wheel chair access. E.g. house entrance, internal access to garage. At this stage they want to know whether we would be interested.

    I wonder whether any of you have had this done with your rental property.

    What kind of commitment and/or problem might the LL be encountering when entering this kind of tenancy?

    Or is this all good opportunity?

    Thank you
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    I have just rang up the tenancy and they say LL does not have to make, for example, another ramp if LL does not want after the tenancy started. I was told just to make it clear everything on the tenancy contract.


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      First and foremost: do not regard what TS phone-in services say as gospel. Even if you had recorded it, I doubt any TT Kangaroo Kourt Klutz would have any regard to advice from TS that subsequently proved to be unlawful.

      I suspect that such modifications could be akin to insulation. Everything to be gained and little to lose. It would certainly widen your tenant choice, even if only marginally. And besides, it would be a good thing to do, no matter what.


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        I'v not had it one but have a good mate in a wheel chair who's had a couple of properties upgraded for access. Current rental is a HNZ one and HNZ did it for free, previously he rented with a mate of his and Lions and other community groups fund raised to get it done. In both cases all that was required was wheel chair ramps but inside needed the bathrooms converted to a wetfloor and specialised shower facilities.

        Only issue I've noted was in the HNZ rental where he told them his wheelchair would eventually chew up the carpet and asked for lino in dining room and his bedroom. They ignored him but after about 18 months or so his heavy electric wheelchair had indeed damaged the carpet and they replaced it. His is possibly a special case, he has a very heavy wheelchair to gt round on.

        Personally I'd not hesitate to make my properties more accessible to disabled tenants as you are likely to get good, solid long term tenants.



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          I have told them that we are interested and will talk about the details.
          Thanks you.


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            Hi Nano,

            I've got a few rentals that have disabled people in them.

            Re commitment, just the usual commitment of a lease is what I find, the agencies often want long term tenures so at least 12 months rather than periodic agreements.

            Issues your likely to occur centre around cleanliness and tidiness but the agencies that I deal with generally sort out my concerns
            Fraser Wilkinson
            Wellington / Lower Hutt / Upper Hutt / Porirua