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    Man cuts off power to next door unit during dispute over power bill
    22 March 2017
    Originally posted by STuff
    A tenant stuck in the middle of a spat between the owners of two adjacent units in Wellington was told, via a note, that the power to her home was going to be cut off, as well as her hot water. The tenant had no choice but to move out when that happened at the end of 2014. But the dispute between the owners of the two apartments continues.

    The power remained cut to the unit for more than two years, and its owner Maggie Roeshaw is seeking damages for lost rent through the Tenancy Tribunal. She is also seeking compensation from the building's body corporate for failing to prevent loss and damage to the unit.

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    Nothing to do with the TT. The tenant can do something, not the owner.

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      Looks like at least partly a unit title application to the TT. Maybe the applicant has included the rent claim with the application. Perhaps there is some reason that aspect could be considered, say the rent claim is against the BC for some reason. Not much info in the article, but presumably the applicant has taken legal advice.