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    Hi all

    Just wondering if anyone has had much experience in dealing with WINZ re tenants. I have just signed up a new tenant who will be having the rent paid directly to me via WINZ, I had to complete a whole lot of forms understandably to enable the process. Anyway, I have just had a phone call from WINZ asking for my IRD number so they can do a background check on me. I asked what that was for as I am just the lowly landlord and what they are checking for, to be told they will check all my IRD records, any and all history I may or may not have with WINZ and any other government agency as they see fit. I asked why they want the information and all he could tell me is that it is standard procedure, in other words, he doesn't know, no help to me at all really. I can't help but feel that it's a bit intrusive. I have not been the recipient of any benefit and pay all my taxes due so I have nothing to be concerned about bit it still feels a bit, well, icky. Does it mean that if I happened to owe any of the agencies money that I knew (or didn't know) about they could redirect these payments to cover any debt? Am I going to have to give this information again in future if I have to deal with WINZ or am I now in the 'system'? Why wasn't my IRD number one of the questions on the forms I completed if it's necessary? It all seems a bit odd to me so just wondering if anyone else has been through this process and can maybe shed some light.

    Thanks in advance.

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    My answer for that would be to inform them that their client was no longer going to be considered as my tenant.
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      Tell them to use State housing..... oh wait.


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        Privacy Commissioner supports information sharing bill



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          Say "no". What are they going to do about it? Evict their tenant?


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            Seems unusual for a private landlord and a bit scary with all that info going to them.

            Does your rental property suburb/city have a high percentage of beneficiaries or can you afford to hold out for someone else?
            We registered our business long ago with WINZ and it helps a lot with getting payments made to us from WINZ. They just look it up and go "oh, I see you're registered with us, payment going out tonight/next run/etc".
            Tenants can also bring in a WINZ payment card and swipe it through our EFTPOS machine.

            Small tip, just because it's a WINZ redirection doesn't mean the rent is fail safe. If the tenant fails to update their details, renew their medical certificate, gets a different job... then WINZ can and will send a letter saying the payment is stopping or changing amount.
            We got a letter saying it's changed to $0.01 per week once. I kid you not. 1 cent!
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              I have had and still have WINZ tenants.
              Never have I been subject to those checks.
              Sounds like some low-level functionaire with too much time on their hands and a nosy attitude.
              Tell them to bugger off.


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                They just want your tax number! http://www.ird.govt.nz/forms-guides/...al-income.html

                This is a reasonable request given that public money is heading your way?

                Most landlords do background checks on tenants and that's ok, but not when anyone wants to do background checks on landlords?



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                  We've had WINZ tenants - all went through seamlessly via our PM - maybe they did the checks - I don't know I wasn't asked for any information. I wonder if WINZ has different rules for rental properties in an LTD or Trust?


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                    Been through that with a flatmate. Was no big deal. Apparently I am now in their system as a supplier.


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                      Originally posted by Shalodge View Post
                      Most landlords do background checks on tenants and that's ok, but not when anyone wants to do background checks on landlords?
                      Landlords have much more to lose and more at risk. More checks are required.
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                        They probably pick up a worthwhile number of people trying to sub-let their subsidised/state houses that way!


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                          Originally posted by Keys View Post
                          Landlords have much more to lose and more at risk. More checks are required.
                          You think? The landlord knows where you live and has a key to your door. He probably knows when and where you work and a lot more ..

                          So all landlords are honest decent people are they?


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                            I will reiterate what others have said. I have WINZ tenants and to the best of my knowledge no background check was run on me, nor did I supply an IRD number.
                            No business of theirs how much tax I pay!
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                              Thanks all, I am just a private landlord not a Ltd company or anything. It was the way the guy on the end of the phone went about telling me how they were going to do all the checks on me, I just don't think it's necessary. Anyway I don't think the checks were done as it all went through far too quickly. I am now a supplier to WINZ so apparently don't have to go through this again, whether or not it's any use to me from now on, time will tell.

                              It was just the fact that I didn't expect all that when I signed the tenant up, the tenant expects background checks to be done on them as they are wanting to rent an asset worth a significant amount, the landlord has a lot more skin in the game than a tenant ever will. No, not all landlords (like tenants) are honest, decent people but how much tax I pay and whether or not I have outstanding fines is none of their business! For the record I do consider myself an honest and decent person. I was just interested to see what other landlords thought of the process.