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0800TENANCY Line .Your experiences? Good or bad? Both?

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  • 0800TENANCY Line .Your experiences? Good or bad? Both?

    The "coalface" of the DBH tenancy division begins most often with a call to their 0800TENANCY number .

    How have you found their advice ? Helpful ? Wrong!?

    Has anyone here found the information given is often variant from the different personnel working in this service?
    A lack of empathy & friendliness experienced when relating tenancy issues.
    Should some empathy & friendliness be expected ? Or are DBH personnel told not to engage in a "pleasant" non condescending manner?

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    I've used it sporadically over the last 11 years and always found them to be very helpful, informed and polite.
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      I used the Tenancy Service once few years ago – it was a helpless service.
      But as part of a disputes resolving process I always encourage tenants to talk the Tenancy Services as resource for a second opinion. That helps me to meet tenant’s expectations.


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        My experience with tenancy helpline is not bad. What I would like them to improve is the speed on getting our cases being heard. Now wait for another 4 weeks.


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          My guess is the personnel get tired of the same old stories from both landlord and tenant. So often they become condescending and jaded with voices too match.Tenants looking for legal loopholes not to pay their rent and landlords not doing important maintenance will i suspect be common themes they've heard a 1000 times before.
          There is a definite socialism take or angle to many of the answers they give. The Residential Tenancy Act, plays a part in this for example a landlord is able to sign away his rights but a tenant cannot.


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            I don't know what you guys are talking about... I've never had any problem with someone being condescending or any socialist bent.
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              Over the 20yrs in the biz as a property manager I've always found them polite and friendly, a good sounding board at times. Also good place to send tenants to when they think they know more than you about the RTA, BUT I've also found that they are also not always correct ( so I've won at Tribunal even when they said I'd have no hope) and they information they give out can depend on the "facts" they are fed, so if they tenant tells them a story from their angle they may get a answer the tenants are happy with but that answer can be very different when the true facts are presented. Also I have heard that if you ask two of them the same question you may get two different answers.


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                They certainly gave one of our past tenants bad advice when she took us to the tribunal for retaliatory damages for an eviction.
                She had absolutely no hope of winning and it was promptly dismissed. A huge waste of both of our time.