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90 day notice of terminatioin vs working through issues

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  • 90 day notice of terminatioin vs working through issues

    Im a big fan of working through issues that come up with tenants.
    Thats what the TT suggests and its what common sense suggests.
    Thats why Im a bit miffed that they [and pretty much everyone]says to not give anything that could be construed as a reason for a 90 day notice.
    This doesnt give much room to work things out with a tenant,even if the initial reason was enough to issue the notice in the first place.
    We have a tenant who has always paid her rent on time but has gotten quite emotional about the right of privacy issue.She has even put off a prospective tenant coming to look at the adjoining flaton the same property[see tenant throws wobbly thread]
    Most of the advice we have gotten was to issue the notice,and we did,and there is no doubt shes in an emotional state ATM.But it bothers me that there is no room for working through this issue without putting the 90day notice at risk.
    I know this sort of thing sets off warning bells for the future,but getting rid of a long term tenant is not without risks and I cant help wondering if she would be a different person when in a calmer state[she obviously feels backed into a corner atm with the auckland rental market being what it is]
    Id be very interested to hear others views on this especially if someone has figured out
    a way to negotiate without complicating the 90 notice[if things dont work]

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    if you think you could work it out with her

    and it sounds like you do

    by all means go and discuss it

    and use the 90 notice with a reason to support your discussions

    but if you really want her out

    give no reasons

    you are the 1 on the spot

    you know the issues better than anyone here

    go and discuss it with her
    have you defeated them?
    your demons


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      i would always like to work things out if possible-but the real issue here is how to go about it so as to not stuff up the 90 day notice, if she doesnt respond to reason


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        As you so eliquently state ''what is the true hazard and what are my bailout options''


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          Suggest to her that she may apply for the tenancy when you advertise it again. The best applicant will get the property.
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