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$60,000 damage, $10,000 fine at $10 a week, yeah right...

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    Originally posted by Maccachic View Post
    Surely the insurance company would have gone after them to recoup costs? Did it not go to court as recless damage / damaging with intent? there is a confession on the net now surely the cops could act?
    you would think they would - they know how to get blood out of stone.


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      Can you not apply for new Order for Examination if you believe the debtor's ability to pay /situation has changed? They may have been students back then and are now earning good wages one would think their repayments could be raised....
      anyone knows if this can be done?
      When we had our property trashed and struggled with chasing the tenant the court staff asked why we didn't get police involved - apparently any time you suspect intentional damage, you should do that as you will be able to chase it as criminal debt - but they only told me afterwards.....
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        Keys touched on this in another thread. Something
        about keeping the 'case open.' He'll recall: I don't.
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