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$60,000 damage, $10,000 fine at $10 a week, yeah right...

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  • $60,000 damage, $10,000 fine at $10 a week, yeah right...

    "After receiving an eviction notice, the tenants trashed the place in a week-long drinking session dubbed "the point of no return". They smashed the chimney and lit a fire in the lounge that they eventually put out by urinating on the flames.

    "We could have fixed up the house in that time but we decided not to, so we made things a whole lot worse. It was easier and a lot more fun. We just got boozed and did stupid stuff.
    "We definitely went a bit overboard but we could have done a lot more. We could have completely demolished it."

    Nash said the young men were taken to the tenancy tribunal court and ordered to pay $10,400, although the damage was worth $60,000.
    He said the letting agent claimed insurance on much of the damage. "There is a law [which states] she could only charge us $12,000 so we got off pretty easy really, and that was minus the bond which was about $1600 ... we are paying $10 a week until it is paid off."


    seems the TT is legally toothless even before their built in favoritism

    imho their cars should have been sold or crushed as a widely publicized example

    instead of that example

    we have will add another widely publicized example of a fine that is less than the interest on the damage

    which will advertise

    that there are no real consequence for such acts

    and the result of removing the consequences

    results in encouraging them

    to think

    they think

    they are such "legends" they were willing to star in a youtube movie

    and their actions were excusable because they were under 20 and "could have done worse"

    before the left is fit to ever govern again in nz

    it needs to show

    it has the tools to deal with such ratbags

    and will use them

    every tenant now can say

    "i'm not as bad as those guys

    get off my back about the; filthy house, broken windows and holes in the walls

    none of it was malicious

    go to TT

    see what i care

    if my benefit is docked $5 a week"

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    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    $10 pw what a joke!


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      What the hell the governing left has to do with this sorry tale is anyone's guess. If you must relate it to politics, eri, if I'm not mistaken, the right is in power, so I assume therefore they'll be changing the laws forthwith to prevent this occuring in the future?

      If you were prepared to put your money where your mouth is (a lot), then you'll be prepared to wager that before the next election, Key's Govt will be upping the maximum fine, reducing the ability to pay pennies per week and crushing the miscreants' cars.

      My $100 says you'd be dead wrong.

      Fault of the left? My arse.


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        Makes you feel sick really ... and the guys that did it are complete tossers, but karma has a way of sorting these characters out.

        The Tenancy Tribunal have dropped the ball on this one and agree it sets a pretty poor precedence now for other criminals who pose as "tenants". They should actually be put in jail for a couple of months as it was obvious it was deliberate and intentional. These guys are obliviously not wired up properly and seem to think its abit of a laugh.
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          a tribunal case for the tenants but apparently the trashing case...


          the tenants and friends


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          have you defeated them?
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            "and agree"? Who, you, or have the TT come out and agreed that they lack balls and teeth.


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              They seem as though they'd be fun at parties. Right "lampshade, meet head" types.


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                Originally posted by eri View Post
                a tribunal case for the tenants but apparently the trashing case...


                That isn't the same address, and it sounds like the damage occurred 5 years ago, but the video was only posted recently
                Nash, 23, said they lived in filth at 106 Firth St in Hamilton about five years ago but had since grown up. "I'm not like this any more and neither are the other guys," Nash said.


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                  yeah, that's a more recent tribunal case by 1 of the same tenants of 5 years ago

                  there were 2 other cases for the trash address but none before 2008...

                  cases before that don't show?
                  have you defeated them?
                  your demons


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                    Is it possible to go for a second order at the TT if it can be shown that the first case did not cover the extent of the damages? These guys need a public hiding.
                    The Son of Glenn


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                      It prob did cover the damages, after insurance payout. if the poor landlord had got the cash at once, of course.

                      What shocks me is that it sounds like they pay $10 a week forever, no matter how much their incomes increase. Broke students paying $10 a week, well maybe that's all you can get out of them. But the moment they get an $800/week job, that should be upped to $500 a week.


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                        a way to spread the cost to everyone with an insurance policy

                        who could possibly object to subsiding these lovable young rascals sense of play

                        remember they could have demolished the house entirely if they had really tried

                        and their mum's say they're lovely boys

                        it's nice to know steps have been taken to prevent similar things happening in the future

                        wait a minute....
                        have you defeated them?
                        your demons


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                          The system is pathetic--they have had a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket. In parallel with the tt, there needs to be a complaint to the police for vandallism--followed by a trip to the real courthouse to obtain a criminal conviction.


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                            hey boys and girls this is just up teh alley of bruce and Matt - the tenant support crowd. NO RESPONSIBLE ADULT WOULD CONDONE THIS STUFF - RIGHT. them bully bloody landlords have had it all there own way for too long right. the dark knrights of tenants rights can tort over the hill like the the cavlry eh.


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                              Surely the insurance company would have gone after them to recoup costs? Did it not go to court as recless damage / damaging with intent? there is a confession on the net now surely the cops could act?