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Flatmate MIA - What can we do?

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  • Flatmate MIA - What can we do?

    We have two people on our tenancy agreement, but had three people in the house (at the agreement of the landlord).

    Our third flatmate has taken off to Australia and would appear to not be coming back in any hurry. He's been in touch a couple of times and HAD agreed to pay his due bills and storage of his goods, however nothing has happened.

    We have all his furniture and stuff at the house, but he's now refusing to answer calls, emails and texts asking what's going on and we haven't seen the money.

    I can't find much which covers the laws in relation to what we have to do to store his goods or whether we can flog some of it off to recoup the costs and get rid of his stuff.

    We don't have a formal flatting agreement with him (lesson learnt).

    Does anyone know what we can do?

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    I recommend you call Tenancy Services, and see if they can assist. Since the missing flat mate is not on the agreement, I would apply to the district court for costs and possession of the flat mates goods.

    Let us know how you go.



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      District Court? Sounds expensive.
      How about the Disputes Tribunal?
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