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WINZ not paying rent

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  • WINZ not paying rent

    Hi all

    Have just received a letter from WINZ saying that they are no longer making payments for our tenants. This meant that the payment due last week did not come through. WINZ was paying us because they, the tenants, got in arrears back in March and needed help sortting it out. WINZ cannot tell us anything because of Privacy issues. Tenants say they know nothing about it. They have had their phones off today so I cannot contact them.

    Just finishing off wrining them a 10 day notice about arrears as well as a 90 day eviction notice.

    I am going to apply to the TT for mediation as well.

    What else can we do to over our butts?

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    Surely the reason for WINZ paying the rent was that you had a mediators order re the arrears.
    Do you not already have a conditional termination order or have the old arrears been fully caught up.
    It is certainly a good idea to issue a combined 90 day notice along with a 10 day notice to remedy.
    If however the original arrears are still being caught up and you have a condtional termination order you can get them out in 3 or so days depending on what words are contained in the original order.

    Going back to WINZ payments. We get a sheaf of these letters every week. Often what happens is the tenant does not turn up for an appointment at WINZ. As soon as they get the same letter that you got they rush into WINZ and it all starts up again.
    Often we get two letters the very same day one saying the payments are stopping and in another envelope saying it is starting up.


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      Thanks to WINZ they were caught up with rent payments back in April. As of now they are 1 week in arrears.


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        Originally posted by Dunning View Post
        Thanks to WINZ they were caught up with rent payments back in April. As of now they are 1 week in arrears.
        In addition to the 10 day notice and 90 day termination notice you can issue a rent increase notification (provided the conditions are suitable) for a substantial rent increase.


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          In my experience the reason the payments stops is because they stop it that is the Tenants.
          It is a simple distribution of their income so there is no reason for WINZ to stop it.
          Take it from me when they fart they usually S###T sooner or later. I can't think of a Tenant who didn't get in arrears caught up then did it again and sooner or later I lost money.
          I think you'll find you've got a leopard.