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    Originally posted by eri View Post
    no doubt you are right

    but it appears this guy ran out of money

    and ran out of friends

    while he built himself a $4million house

    that he couldn't pay for

    if he had rented a house somewhere and instead spent that $4million paying taxes, subcontractor wages and helping owners of his leaky developments he might have had a better chance of staying out of jail

    Yes, I can't fault your reasoning there and I agree with you...

    but he didn't

    so he became the poster boy for the "pay your taxes or go to jail" campaign

    someone's got to be the face of the campaign

    Hmmm....I hear ya, but I guess what irks me is that if you look at all the hoo haa about him not filing years of personal tax returns and 'using' PAYE to fund whatever (which personally I think is silly ...more likely that he simply did not have the extra cash available to make those PAYE payments on a regular basis) he actually didn't owe that much in tax given the size, as in monetary value, of the projects that he did...and yet there are plenty of accountants out there making plenty out of clients that are able to afford the expert advice to get them in a 'legitimate' space where they can get away with contributing as little as possible to the tax pool.

    he's helped society in that way anyway
    I doubt that people will read the media story and in droves freak out and all of a sudden become more pally with the Revenue. Most folk that I know have an attitude towards the Revenue which essentially amounts to disdain (hatred even) due to the fundamental notion that we pay too much in tax and therefore it is a national obsession to legally avoid paying as much tax as possible. Anyone that says they enjoy paying the tax man is likely to be a full time comedian IMHO.

    However, all things considered, it is never paletable when the 'little guy' (tradesman etc.) gets ripped and if Lance gets time to wrap his head around that then hopefully something good may come out of all the mess.


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      Working Bee, are you kidding me??

      The guy is a thief and was put in prison for stealing.

      Justify it anyway you want but Lance James hurt a lot of people and he got what he deserved.


      And I just can’t wait to see who will be next…
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        Tax cheat's mansion sells for quarter of price

        The luxurious Eastbourne home of jailed tax cheat and former property developer Lance James has sold for just over $1 million – about a quarter of what he reportedly spent building it.

        His wife, Irene, and daughter are believed to have moved to Tauranga.

        The property was put up for mortgagee sale last year by mortgage holder NZ Finance after James was jailed for two years on tax-evasion charges.

        Tony Milicich, the finance company's general manager for lending, said the house was passed in when it was put up for auction but sold privately later for a confidential sum.

        The secluded 300-square-metre hillside mansion in Totara St, Rona Bay, which had a 2009 rating value of $1.27m, has now been publicly recorded as having sold just before Christmas for $1.05m.

        A subcontractor who worked for James told The Dominion Post last year that the mansion cost an estimated $4m. It was put on the market last year for $1.8m, the amount owed to the mortgagee.

        James was the original developer of the disastrous Brooklyn Rise housing subdivision, which he was forced to sell to an Auckland developer before the project's financier, Lombard Finance, collapsed owing $127m – $44m of which had been sunk into the Wellington building project.

        He was involved in an Oriental Bay apartment development which was the subject of a multimillion-dollar leaky-building claim that was settled last year.

        James also fell foul of building subcontractors, who said they were not paid for work they did for him.

        Last March, he was found guilty in Wellington District Court and jailed on eight charges of evading assessment and payment of personal tax from 1998 to 2005. He pleaded guilty to 11 charges of helping four companies to misapply employees' PAYE deductions.

        James is expected to be freed next month. The Corrections Department says offenders serving a prison sentence of two years or less are automatically released after serving half their sentence.


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          Thanks for providing information on Lance over the years. I just happened to type his name in Google and now I'm here.

          I was one of the subcontractors working on both the Brooklyn site and I also finished the painting at the James' Eastbourne residence. Irene was paying me while Brooklyn was getting shut down.

          I worked alongside Taz (sparky) and Milo. There's many misleading things I haven't read in all the info provided. Nothings mentioned of Irene's companies to which Lance was running. I was being paid by IJ while working at Brooklyn. There was also another Eastbourne project in kowhai street. They were using funding from Brooklyn to build both their homes ( which was meant to have 4 homes accessed by cable car). And around the corner in kowhai street. It didn't cost 4 mil to build the Eastbourne house it was 2.5mil and they didn't mention the movie theatre and mezzanein floor by Jordan's room. Guess he did get away with more in the end.

          It was a great thing to be a part of as all of the subbies could see a potential 10 yr project which is why we all stayed loyal to Lance.

          And whoever the new owner of the Eastbourne home is; must be aware they have to repaint the house every few years as its an acrylic natural stain on the cedar.