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Census stats reveal Rotorua population on the rise

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  • Census stats reveal Rotorua population on the rise

    Census stats reveal Rotorua population on the rise
    13 June 2006

    Rotorua's population has increased provisionally to 70,400, a jump of 2.4 per cent since the last census in 2001, the 2006 census figures show.

    This reflects annual growth of 0.4 per cent over the last five years and reverses the trend of the previous five years which saw negative annual growth of -0.06 per cent. Rotorua's population in 2001 was 68,775, less than the previous 1996 census figure of 68,991.

    Rotorua Mayor Kevin Winters said the latest census statistics were not only good news for Rotorua but they showed a population increase at a level that can be managed and built on.

    "The last thing Rotorua needs is rampant, unmanageable growth - simple economics show boom is invariably closely followed by bust.

    "Improved roading and faster traffic access between Rotorua and Tauranga have undoubtedly played a part in population growth, and quality housing developments such as Baxendale and Brunswick Park are adding a new dimension to the image and reputation of Rotorua. People around New Zealand and overseas are sitting up and taking notice of Rotorua. Our profile has never been more positive.

    "However it is also important to pay tribute to the businesses of our city for their innovation, their determination and their loyalty to Rotorua. They are an integral element in our future development and I hope they reap the rewards from the opportunities new growth can deliver. I think we've turned the corner and our local economy certainly looks very bright," Mr Winters said.

    The fastest growing area in Rotorua District was Owhata West with 543 more people, an increase of 16.9 per cent. Other fast growing areas were Pukehangi South (313, +12.7 per cent), Hamurana (241, +10.5 per cent), Fenton (169, +8.2 per cent) and Pukehangi North (161, +8 per cent).

    Areas with declining population were headed by Kuirau with 180 fewer people, a decline of -5.9 per cent, followed by Tarawera (-137, -7.9 per cent), Tikitere (-119, -3.8 per cent) and Victoria (-102, -4.8 per cent).

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