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Carterton signals rates hike

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  • Carterton signals rates hike

    Carterton signals rates hike

    Carterton ratepayers may face up to a whopping 11 per cent overall rate hike this year ? a far cry from the gentle 3 per cent average increases of past years.

    It's the second council in a week to give its residents a rude shock ? Masterton announced last week a 7.9 per cent average increase.

    For the Carterton council, it's still ballpark figures it's playing with, but chief executive Kieran Shaw says it's expected to be at least an 8.5 per cent increase and possibly 11 per cent.

    The official audit of the Carterton Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) has not yet been done, so the final figure has yet to be set.

    Also, at last night's monthly meeting, the council received two last-minute requests for money, throwing the budget into disarray as councillors battled to keep spending to a reasonable limit.
    The Wairarapa A and P Society wanted a repeat of a $25,000 grant given last year by the council to help with its showgrounds administration. And the Carterton 150th Year Celebration committee sought $20,000. Both organisations received $10,000 each.

    For the past seven years the council has managed to keep its average rate increase to below 3 per cent, but Mr Shaw said like many councils, increased costs everywhere are coming home to roost.

    Carterton's large increase is due to several factors including the 12th hour pleas for grants, the council's contribution of $30,000 towards the new Waiohine Bridge, a $4000 contribution towards Wellington airport, roading cost price hikes of around 8 per cent and the re-valuation of the council's assets.

    The Carterton council is the first of the three councils in Wairarapa to have its assets re-valued and with that has come a need to increase its depreciation funds.

    More detail on Carterton's long term planning and the exact overall rate increase is expected next week.

    The LTCCP will then be available for public consultation for around four weeks before finally being adopted by the council at the end of June.

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