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Conviction for illegal building work - Auckland City

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  • Conviction for illegal building work - Auckland City

    Conviction for illegal building work
    Thursday, 30 March 2006, 11:36 am
    Press Release: Auckland City Council
    30 March 2006

    Property owner convicted for illegal building work

    A central city property owner has been convicted and fined $3,000, as well as $1,800 costs, on two charges in relation to building works carried without an approved building consent.

    The District court conviction and fine handed down to Warren Arthur Wilson, the owner of 72 Upper Queen Street, for breaching the Building Act 2004 requirements serves as a important reminder to all property owners and others doing building work, says Auckland City's manager for residential developments, John Lawrence.

    "A building consent is required to ensure that the building works comply with the Building Code, and do not pose a hazard to its occupants," says Mr Lawrence. "Auckland City endeavours to communicate with property owners and contractors to help them comply with their legal requirements wherever possible. Prosecution is always a last resort, but court action will be initiated when people fail to comply.

    "Property owners who don't get a consent are potentially endangering both those carrying out the work and the building's occupants. We hope that this prosecution will serve as a warning to others that such breaches are taken seriously by both council and the courts."

    The maximum penalty for carrying out building work without a consent is $100,000. If the offence is not rectified, people face a further fine of up to $10,000 a day for every day during which the offence continues.

    Auckland City is currently investigating a number of other sites around the city for similar offences and will prosecute the owners if they are found to have completed work without a building consent.

    Some minor building work is exempt under the first schedule of the Building Act and does not require a building consent. However, property owners should contact Auckland City before beginning any work to confirm whether a consent is needed.

    For more information on building consents, visit www.aucklandcity.govt.nz or phone (09) 379 2020.

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