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Zoning may rule out objections

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  • Zoning may rule out objections

    Zoning may rule out objections
    07 October 2005

    Todds Valley residents may be unable to prevent a 63-section subdivision proceeding as the land is zoned for residential use, they learned at a meeting on Thursday night.

    The plans by Todd Bush Holdings to subdivide two neighbouring pieces of land on Todd Bush Rd into nine lifestyle blocks and 54 residential sites have alarmed neighbours worried about the effect the development will have on the area's rural character.

    Thursday night's a meeting was held for residents to ask questions about the proposals and the process for objecting.

    City councillor Jan Fryer attended the meeting as an observer, and said while many of the concerns raised were valid, residents were in a difficult position because of the land's zoning.

    "In terms of this application they're (the developers) allowed to do it, it's in a residential zone and I explained that to them."

    The zoning would have been in place for at least 10 years, she believed, and residents in the area at the time needed to have objected when the zoning was proposed.

    "I don't know how or why it was zoned residential but it should have been picked up at that stage."

    The main issues raised by the 52 people who attended the meeting included the density of the development on what they perceived to be an unstable, waterlogged site on the valley floor, and the safety of Todd Bush Rd with extra traffic, Cr Fryer said.

    Resident Sue Gibbons said she expected most people who attended to make a submission to the council on the subdivision plans, and one would be written on behalf of all the residents on Biggsburn Way.

    The large number attending the meeting showed the strength of feeling among residents about the proposal, she said.

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