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who will be the next leader of the super city?

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    2 months later

    and brown still thinks his star can shine

    "The mayor is too focused on the job at hand to be thinking about what might happen at the end of next year," a mayoral spokesman said last night.

    goff ready to carry on brown's tax + spend program

    Last night, Mr Goff told the Herald "it is likely I will put my name forward", telling voters to expect an announcement before Christmas.

    but the fiscal conservatives also have a plan

    National cabinet minister and former Auckland City councillor Paul Goldsmith has been tasked by the party to find a candidate. He has not returned calls.

    National Party figures are also behind a plan for the centre-right to gain control of the 21-strong council.

    Going under the name of Future Auckland, the plan is to funnel party resources, including funding, for candidates who would agreed to sign up to a disciplined caucs approach.

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      Let's hope Future Auckland get control then :-)


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        Len Brown is one big swear word.. For gods sake, please please please bring back John Banks.. I don't care if no one likes him.. I don't care if people think he is shallow.. Auckland run smoothly while he was mayor. Rates were low and no one questioned what he did..

        Where as pants down brown the clown is hell bent on destroying Aucks..


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          now brown's time is nigh

          goff needs to explain

          how he'll fund his promises

          or, as he's using len's people

          will he just rinse and repeat len's lies?

          The Auckland Ratepayers' Alliance welcomed the expected announcement from Mr Goff.

          Spokeswoman Carmel Claridge said while many members would welcome Labour replacing Mr Brown for another candidate,

          "we need to see a credible plan to end Auckland Council's high rates, high debt, trajectory".

          "Right now Auckland Council owes creditors more on a per person basis than any other council in New Zealand.

          Even Christchurch ratepayers have a smaller per capita debt burden."

          If Mr Goff is running on promises of transport spending, we just want to know how he plans to pay for it.

          After 9.9% rate hikes and with more borrowing out of the question, dipping deeper into ratepayers' pockets isn't an option,"

          have you defeated them?
          your demons


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            Best news ever:

            Auckland mayor Len Brown won't seek re-election

            Squadly dinky do!


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              Mr Brown knows that if he fights for Super city he won't win. Better to step down.


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                Originally posted by primal View Post
                Mr Brown knows that if he fights for Super city he won't win. Better to step down.
                Another reason not to contest is that if he shows up to campaign trail/meetings, he might get egg-faced.


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                  goff goff

                  of the always almost bankrupt nz labour party

                  talking the talk

                  "For Auckland to succeed, it must operate effectively and efficiently.
                  The Super City was supposed to eliminate waste and bureaucratic duplication.
                  That will be my priority.
                  Under my leadership, we will be fiscally prudent and learn to do more with less."


                  but that's pretty much what brown said to get the job too

                  still waiting for the centre right to float someone that has a proven record

                  in the war against waste
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                  have you defeated them?
                  your demons


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                    Mr Goff is fairly centre. But he is a failed and rather boring leader. Still boring might be better than being too interesting on the front page.

                    Wonder if Ms Crone will stand? That would throw a firecracker into the hayshed.


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                      certainly not too bothered

                      by the competion

                      Goff said he would resign as an MP if elected as mayor in October next year, but would balance his campaigning with his current job until then.

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                        goff promises

                        to raise rates?

                        Labour MP Phil Goff has promised to make light rail a priority if he wins the Auckland mayoralty.

                        Mr Goff pushed some form of road charging - a petrol tax, tolls or congestion charges - to raise revenue for transport and encourage a change of travel modes.

                        "We cannot pretend that there is some magic way of funding infrastructure that doesn't impose any costs on anyone.

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                          Everyone else is justpissing about.
                          I you want to stop the jam you need to do something.


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                            i realise that

                            but i think council could raise the money by going back to their core activities + junking the pork

                            fire all the spin drs, cut back their overseas trips, buy fewer and cheaper cars

                            does every council car in a park need to be a new toyota hilux?

                            do we need expensive, unelected race based boards, who seem to justify their existence by slowing and making development even more expensive?

                            do we need the huge water park being built at manukau?

                            a pink cycleway into the city?

                            everybody can't have everything in the belief someone else will pay for it

                            nz simply isn't productive enough for its biggest city to be the best in the world

                            without bankrupting its ratepayers buying luxuries for its inhabitants

                            if you ran a business and had an office manager who spent the entire budget on flowers and water coolers

                            needing top ups for photocopy paper and toner

                            you'd sack them

                            sack this lot of financial mis-managers

                            or at least hire someone to do more with less

                            why should the head of auckland council

                            get away with behaviour that would see the head of the health board sacked?
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                            have you defeated them?
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                              Clearly many local authorities don't see themselves as running a business. And yet voters keep voting them in. Don't they care?

                              Wellington City council - recent case in point. Narrowly voted to pay employees of a security firm the 'living wage' from their clearly inflated HR budget at a cost of hundred of thousands. As long as said employees work for the council and not some other organisation. And this despite formal advice from the chief executive that this is not lawful.